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Container Shipping Companies

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Using container shipping companies for the first time can be a daunting exercise. It is easy to imagine your small cargo of personal goods getting lost in transit or stolen at their destination. It seems like the paperwork, the international container shipping rules and all of the others details might be impossible to work out. Then there are the questions about how big a container you need, how to calculate container costs and so many other questions about container freight.

The fact that millions of containers are safely shipped to thousands of ports around the world every year should be consoling, but often it is not. Most of these units are filled with goods sent by large manufacturers who do it every day. When all you need to do is ship 20 ft container, surely yours will be overlooked, won't it? No, it won't. Tens of thousands of containers of household goods are handled by container shipping companies every year and are not overlooked or lost, just as millions of letters go through the postal system each year.

Like the United States postal service, the container shipping companies follow a strict set of international guidelines that ensure efficient delivery wherever a container is going and no matter how large or small the cargo is. These guidelines have been put in place by the International Organization for Standardization (IOS). They are followed by every container freight company, every shipping company and every port authority throughout the world.

Similarly, the containers that your personal goods will be packed into have all been standardized, too. If you are shipping household goods, you will almost certainly ship 20 ft container or ship 40 ft container. The 20 foot container is actually the basic unit size. Called "TEU" for Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit, it is the basic cubic foot measurement that all containers must adhere to. Container shipping companies measure all of their cargoes in these units and vessels are said to have capacities of numbers of TEUs.

Your shipping order (S/O) will be the most important document you receive when you use the services of a container freight company. This piece of paper will list all of your important details and all of the details about your container. It will have the vessel number and your container number, as well as other information that will be used for processing your order. You can use this document to track your order through the internet or a major metropolitan newspaper. When your shipment arrives, it serves as proof that the container is yours and helps speed you through customs.

Container shipping companies are more than willing to handle your small container of personal goods. In fact, many of them specialize in small cargoes and offer a range of services, including Full Service, where they will pack your household goods for you, stuff the container and even deliver it to your door at your destination. That is how efficient these operations can be.

Just as you can have letters and parcels delivered to your door or you can pick them up at the post office, so do you have reliable options with container shipping companies. Use them with confidence, knowing that your personal goods are in good hands.

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